LEGAL: “Former President Trump’s claim to a Fox News anchor that New York court employees were ‘crying’ and apologizing for his arraignment on felony charges is ‘absolute BS’ and doesn’t remotely resemble what took place, a law enforcement source familiar with the details of what transpired that day told Yahoo News.

‘Zero,’ said the source when asked how much truth there was to Trump’s colorful account. ‘There were zero people crying. There were zero people saying “I’m sorry.”’ […]

In fact, the source said, aside from his lawyers and Secret Service agents, Trump interacted only with a handful of district attorney employees at the courthouse and had extremely limited exposure with others during his arraignment last Tuesday in lower Manhattan.”

-Michael Isikoff, “Trump’s tale of crying Manhattan court employees was ‘absolute BS,’ law enforcement source says,” news.yahoo.com, April 12, 2023