2024 ELECTION/COVID-19/RON DESANTIS: “Former President Donald Trump is trying out new nicknames for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, including ‘Meatball Ron,’ per The New York Times.

Trump has used the insult, which is meant as a jab at DeSantis’ appearance, in private conversations…

Trump has also called DeSantis ‘Shutdown Ron’ in private, per The Times. This is a reference to DeSantis’ March 2020 executive order that temporarily closed bars and nightclubs in Florida because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump announced his 2024 presidential run in November and has since pre-emptively launched a series of attacks on his would-be rival.”

-Cheryl Teh, “Trump is testing out new nicknames for Ron DeSantis, including ‘Meatball Ron:’ NYT,” businessinsider.com, February 12, 2023