TAXES/TRUMP BUSINESS/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Donald Trump asked whether the tax fraud offenses which Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s longtime chief financial officer, was recently jailed for should even be considered a crime.

In an early morning post on Truth Social on Friday, the former president described Weisselberg as a ‘casualty of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time,’ after he pleaded guilty to 15 felonies in August 2022 over his role in Trump’s real estate business carrying out a 15-year-long tax fraud scheme…

‘He didn’t pay taxes on the use of a company car—does anyone? The use of a company apartment—does anyone? Or the Education of his grandchildren—Wow! Are these things really criminal, or even a crime?'”

-Ewan Palmer, “Donald Trump Questions Whether Not Paying Taxes Is ‘Really Criminal?,'” newsweek.com, January 20, 2023