CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS: “Former President Donald Trump claimed Wednesday that the government documents the FBI recovered from Mar-a-Lago last summer were just empty folders marked “classified” or ‘confidential.’

‘When I was in the Oval Office, or elsewhere, * ‘papers’ were distributed to groups of people & me, they would often be in a striped paper folder with ‘Classified’ or ‘Confidential’ or another word on them,’ he wrote on his Twitter-esque social media site Truth Social. ‘When the session was over, they would collect the paper(s), but not the folders, & I saved hundreds of them.’

He added: ‘Remember, these were just ordinary, inexpensive folders with various words printed on them, but they were a ‘cool’ keepsake.’”

-Sonam Sheth, “Trump claims documents found at Mar-a-Lago were empty folders labeled ‘classified’ that he’d kept because they were ‘cool,’” businessinsider.com, January 18, 2023