TRUMP BUSINESS/TRUMP TAXES: “Donald J. Trump’s family business lost a criminal contempt trial that was held in secret last fall, according to a newly unsealed court document and several people with knowledge of the matter, with a judge ruling against the company almost exactly a year before it was convicted of a tax fraud scheme last week…

The order, dated Dec. 8, 2021, was unsealed by the judge who presided over the tax fraud trial of the Trump Organization, which ended last week with the conviction of the company. It redacted the name of the entities on trial in October, but the people with knowledge of the case confirmed that those entities were the Trump Organization corporations that later went on trial for tax fraud. The judge, Juan Merchan, convicted the two corporations of criminal contempt of court and fined them $4,000, the maximum under the law.”

-Jonah E. Bromwich, William K. Rashbaum and Ben Protess, “Trump Organization Was Held in Contempt After Secret Trial Last Year,” nytimes.com, December 13, 2022