CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS: “The federal judge who granted former President Donald Trump’s request for a special master in the Mar-a-Lago case just tossed his lawsuit challenging the FBI’s raid of his South Florida estate.

US District Judge Aileen Cannon wrote in a one-page Monday order that she was dismissing the case because of a ‘lack of jurisdiction.’

The ruling came after a three-judge federal appeals court issued a scathing opinion on December 1 overturning Cannon’s initial decision to side with Trump and grant him a special master to review materials seized in the FBI’s search. Less than week later, a federal appeals court in Atlanta formally ended the review.”

-Jake Epstein, Kimberly Leonard, and Sonam Sheth, “The federal judge who appointed Trump’s special master just threw out his lawsuit challenging the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search,” businessinsider.com, December 12, 2022