CELEBS: “During an interview with Timcast IRL on Monday night, November 28, the artist formerly known as Kanye West decided to speak out after Trump reportedly called the Donda rapper ‘a seriously troubled man’ in a post on his Truth Social app. He also reportedly told the Yeezy founder that it was a waste of time to run for president because he ‘can’t win.’ Ye, who previously said Trump talked down on his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, responded by saying Trump is ‘known for lying.’

‘Look at Pence,’ West said in reference to the former vice president who condemned his and Fuentes’ presence at the dinner. ‘He sold Trump out. You know what I’m saying? I would’ve never wanted to do anything that hurt Trump. I’m on Trump’s side. Trump said things that hurt me. He lied about me, but I mean, he’s known for lying. And when people used to tell me that he’s a liar, it’s like, you know I went into the trenches for Trump. There was no one else in my position that wore that hat.’”

-Tony M. Centeno, “Ye Walks Out Of Interview After He Claimed Donald Trump ‘Lied’ About Him,” iheart.com, November 29, 2022