ERIC TRUMP/SECRET SERVICE/TRUMP BUSINESS: “The Trump Organization charged the Secret Service up to $1,185 per night for hotel rooms used by agents protecting former President Donald J. Trump and his family, according to documents released on Monday by the House Oversight Committee, forcing a federal agency to pay well above government rates.

The committee released Secret Service records showing more than $1.4 million in payments by the department to Trump properties since Mr. Trump took office in 2017…

In 2019, Eric Trump said the Trump Organization charged the government only ‘like $50’ for hotel rooms during presidential visits.

Instead, records obtained by the committee showed, the Trump International Hotel in Washington repeatedly charged the Secret Service rates more than $600 per night.”

-David A. Fahrenthold and Luke Broadwater, “Trump Hotels Charged Secret Service Exorbitant Rates, House Inquiry Finds,” nytimes.com, October 17, 2022