SCOTT PRUITT/TRUMP ADMIN/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Scott Pruitt, while in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Trump administration, repeatedly pressured his federal security officers to drive at excessive and sometimes dangerous speeds on routine trips, with sirens and emergency lights on, because he had a habit of running late, according to a federal report released on Thursday [May 26, 2022].

The security officers said they knew this was a violation of federal policies and ‘endangered public safety’ the report said. Among the incidents cited in the report was a 2017 trip in which a special agent drove Mr. Pruitt with the lights and sirens going, in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic, to pick up Mr. Pruitt’s dry cleaning, when Mr. Pruitt was late for an agency meeting.”

-Eric Lipton, “Trump E.P.A. Chief ‘Endangered Public Safety’ by Ordering His Drivers to Speed,” nytimes.com, May 26, 2022