ABORTION/SUPREME COURT: “President Donald Trump slammed the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade in an exclusive interview with David Brody that will air on the rapidly growing Real America’s Voice network on Wednesday, May 4 at 3pm EST.

‘I will say the leak was a terrible thing, you are just not used to that for the Supreme Court,’ said Trump. ‘You see so much leaking in our world — in your world, in my world. Although not so much now, it’s very interesting. You know you try and cover those leaks. But you’ve never seen it, or they’ve rarely seen it, in the Supreme Court. It was very shocking, I think. I think it was a very bad thing for the country,’ he continued.

The 45th President also took credit for the expected decision. ‘A lot of people are very happy about [pro-life Supreme Court justices],’ he said. ‘Some people maybe say it’s my fault and some people say thank you very much.’”

-Real America’s Voice, “Donald Trump to Address SCOTUS Leak, Elon Musk, and More in Exclusive Interview Airing on Real America’s Voice Wednesday, May 4,” prnewswire.com, May 4, 2022