2024 ELECTION/CAMPAIGN FINANCE/UKRAINE/VLADIMIR PUTIN: “[In an interview with Piers Morgan,] Trump dropped one of the biggest hints yet that he will run for President in 2024, stating: ‘For reasons of campaign finance I can’t say but I think people are going to be very happy [with my decision].’ […]

Calling Putin a ‘genocidal monster,’ Trump repeated claims that the war in Ukraine would never have happened had he still been leading the U.S. as the Russian leader believed the U.S. at that point ‘had more powerful ‘nukes’ than him.’”

-Max Goldbart, “Piers Morgan Finally Shows Unedited Clip Of Donald Trump Talk TV Storm-Off; Blames ‘Incompetent Aide’ & A Trump ‘Simmering With Anger’ But Reality Is Damp Squib,” deadline.com, April 26, 2022