2020 ELECTION/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “In the chaotic days following the 2020 US election, Donald Trump’s chief of staff received a flurry of text messages from one of the president’s most ardent and well-connected supporters.

‘Help this great president stand firm!’ Ginni Thomas texted Mark Meadows…

‘The majority knows Biden and the left [are] attempting the greatest heist of our history,’ she texted Mr Meadows…

Mrs Thomas is a prominent conservative activist, and her actions may have gone unnoticed if she were an ordinary citizen.

However, she also is married to one of the most powerful people in America: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Her husband is now tasked with deliberating on investigations into the riot from the highest court in the land.”

-Carrington Clarke, “As Donald Trump tried to hold onto the White House, the wife of a Supreme Court justice picked up her phone,” abc.net.au, April 18, 2022