COVID-19/VACCINES: “Mr. Trump was in Texas on Sunday as part of a speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly, the author and former Fox News host, when Mr. O’Reilly said that both he and Mr. Trump ‘are vaxxed.’

Mr. O’Reilly then asked, ‘Did you get the booster?’

‘Yes,’ Mr. Trump said.

‘I got it too,’ Mr. O’Reilly said.

The crowd began to boo…

Mr. Trump said that his supporters should get vaccinated because, he suggested, unwillingness to do so represented a victory for liberals. ‘What we’ve done is historic,’ he said of the three Covid vaccines in use in the United States that were developed while he was in office. ‘Don’t let them take away, don’t take it away from ourselves. You’re playing right into their hands when you sort of like, ‘oh, the vaccine.’’”

-Azi Paybarah and Lauren McCarthy, “Donald Trump said he got a booster shot and his supporters booed.,” nytimes.com, December 20, 2021