2020 ELECTION/PENNSYLVANIA: “In your editorial ‘The Election for Pennsylvania’s High Court’ (Oct. 25), you [the Wall Street Journal] state the fact that a court wrongly said mail-in ballots could be counted after Election Day. ‘This didn’t matter,’ you add, ‘because Mr. Biden won the state by 80,555, but the country is lucky the election wasn’t closer. If the election had hung on a few thousand Pennsylvanians, the next President might have been picked by the U.S. Supreme Court.’

Well actually, the election was rigged, which you, unfortunately, still haven’t figured out…

Highly respected Audit the Vote PA found numerous data integrity problems the Pennsylvania Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE) system… This is why Democrats and the Fake News Media do not want a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania. In reality, 80,555 ballots are nothing when there is this much corruption or voter irregularities.”

-Donald Trump, “President Trump Responds on Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election,” wsj.com, October 27, 2021