AFGHANISTAN: “Former President Donald Trump went on a radio show Monday [August 30, 2021] and complained at length that some news outlets were covering the devastating Hurricane Ida more than what he called his ‘great agreement’ with the Taliban…

The former president went on to accuse the media of not reporting that he had an understanding with the Taliban and ‘Abdul’ — most likely referring to the Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar — not to kill Americans.

‘We would have hit them so hard, and they knew that, Abdul knew that,’ Trump said. ‘I would have taken the equipment out, I would have taken the people out, and then we would have bombed every base but Bagram,’ he said.”

-Cheryl Teh, “Trump complained on a radio show that the media spent ‘all night’ Sunday covering the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ida instead of his ‘great agreement’ with the Taliban,” businessinsider.com, August 30, 2021