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On Jan. 20, 2021, Donald Trump’s presidency ended and Joe Biden became president. As of that date, this site contained over 42,000 sourced comments and quotes, with an estimated 92.4% by or about Trump, compared to 7.6% by or about Biden (see methodology).

This site is no longer being updated daily, but we may occasionally add quotes relating to Trump or Biden that seem relevant to the context of the Trump presidency.


2020 ELECTION/FAKE NEWS: “The radical left is trying to rip our nation apart and there is no depth to which they will not sink. You’ve seen it. You’ve seen it and you’ve seen it strongly. Just can’t have it. There’s no better example that the election that we talk about and talk about, so proudly, because we did so well, the 2020 presidential election, was rigged. We won the election in a landslide. You know it, I know it. And you know who else knows it? The fake news knows it.

Democrats and their allies in big tech and in the fake news media viciously did everything possible to deny our victory and to delay the count until they could figure out how many votes were needed to drag Joe Biden across the finish line.”

-Donald Trump, “Donald Trump Wellington, Ohio Rally Speech Transcript: First Rally Since Leaving Office,” rev.com, June 27, 2021