2020 ELECTION/MIKE PENCE: “Former Vice President Mike Pence rebuked former President Donald Trump on Thursday night [June 24, 2021] on the question of overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Pence also said he will ‘always be proud’ of his role in affirming the election results on January 6 following a deadly riot of Trump supporters at the US Capitol…

‘The Constitution affords the vice president no authority to reject or return electoral votes submitted to the Congress by the states,’ said Pence, contradicting Trump’s claim at his January 6 rally that his vice president could ‘do the right thing’ and reject the vote count.”

-Michael Warren, “Pence contradicts Trump on January 6, calling plan to decertify 2020 election ‘un-American,’” cnn.com, June 25, 2020