2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA: “‘Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer’s tweet Saturday [May 15, 2021] castigated former President Donald Trump for alleging ‘election crime’ in an email he sent Saturday.

Trump’s premature leap to unsubstantiated conclusions drew Richer’s attention before a scheduled meeting Monday in which Maricopa County officials say they will respond to questions raised by Arizona Senate-hired private contractors auditing the county’s general election…

‘Wow. This is unhinged. I’m literally looking at our voter registration database on my other screen. Right now,’ Richer posted on Twitter in response to Trump’s claims.”

-Carrie Watters, Jen Fifield, and Andrew Oxford, “County recorder speaks out against Trump; other GOP leaders call out ‘fantasy,’ ‘madness’,” azcentral.com, May 16, 2021