BUSINESS/WISCONSIN: “Taiwan electronics manufacturer Foxconn is drastically scaling back a planned $10 billion factory in Wisconsin, confirming its retreat from a project that former U.S. President Donald Trump once called ‘the eighth wonder of the world.’

Under a deal with the state of Wisconsin announced on Tuesday [Apr. 20, 2021], Foxconn will reduce its planned investment to $672 million from $10 billion and cut the number of new jobs to 1,454 from 13,000.

The Foxconn-Wisconsin deal was first announced to great fanfare at the White House in July 2017, with Trump boasting of it as an example of how his ‘America First’ agenda could revive U.S. tech manufacturing.”

-Reuters, “Foxconn mostly abandons $10 billion Wisconsin project touted by Trump,” CNBC.com, Apr. 21, 2021