CORONAVIRUS/VACCINES: “Okay I’ll give you a little breaking news. Pfizer is in with the FDA and what the FDA did with Johnson & Johnson [coronavirus vaccine], it’s so stupid. You know, they all want me to do a commercial cause a lot of our people [Republicans] don’t want to take vaccine. You know, I don’t know what that is exactly, Republican— I don’t know what it is.

I encourage them to take it, I do, but they want me to make a video… So here’s here’s the thing, they want me to do a commercial saying ‘take the vaccine.’ And they think that’s very important and I’d certainly do it.

But then I call them, I say, let me ask you a question. You just did something— Six people out of eight million people— Somebody said that Tylenol, women’s birth control, all caused far more— Six people experienced some difficulty. Six people and, that’s too bad, it’s terrible, but they they paused it.

That’s the worst thing you could have done from a public relations standpoint. They paused Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and it probably even affects the other vaccines a little bit, but they paused it, it’s had a devastating impact.

I said they want me to do a commercial, some commercial, and they do this pause. Now here’s your breaking news, they love Pfizer. They get along with Pfizer so well. And Pfizer doesn’t like me because i put favored nations on prescription drugs.”

-Donald Trump via Channel Plus, “Donald Trump Full Interview With Sean Hannity 4/19/21 – Fox Breaking Trump news, April 19, 21,” YouTube.com, Apr. 19, 2021