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2020 ELECTION/DEMS/SUPREME COURT: “You know, the election, it was a rigged, stolen election. If this would have happened to Democrats, you would have had a revolution. They wouldn’t have allowed it. And the Supreme Court did not have the courage to do what they should have done.

Because these elections in the swing states, they didn’t have anything approved by the legislatures. The legislates didn’t approve all of these voter changes…

Not only dead people voting, not only illegal immigrants, and all of the other things, the ballot dumps, all of the things that happened at 3 o’clock in the morning, etc. Forget all of that. They didn’t get approval to make these massive changes and you’re not allowed to do it locally or even with local judges…

The Supreme Court should be ashamed of themselves for not being willing to take it on.”

-Donald Trump via Cody Derespina, “Trump to Newsmax TV: ‘I Would Say Boycott Baseball,’” newsmax.com, Apr. 6, 2021