ANTIFA/BLM: “What I’m concerned about is Antifa, and BLM, and some of the horrible things that we witnessed… When they take over Portland, and they take over the court house. They destroyed the building… You have to see what the streets of Portland look like. They have been burning the city down, and nobody does anything about it, and they don’t go after those people.

But they go after people, I guess you would call them lean toward the right, and they wave American flags, in many cases, they are waving the American flag, and they love our country. And those people, they’re arresting them [Capitol rioters] by the dozens, but they don’t go after Antifa, who kill people, by the way. Who burn down our cities.”

-Donald Trump on “The Ingraham Angle,” foxnews.com, Mar. 25, 2021