2020 ELECTION/GEORGIA: “Gabriel Sterling, a top election official in Georgia, delivered a scathing refutation on Monday [Jan. 4, 2021] of President Trump’s false claims of voter fraud, running through a long list of already-debunked conspiracy theories and systematically debunking each one again…

Among many other false claims, Mr. Trump and his lawyers have claimed that thousands of votes were cast in Georgia by people who were under 18, weren’t registered to vote, registered late, or registered with a P.O. box instead of a residential address. The secretary of state’s office investigated the claims, Mr. Sterling said, and did not find a single ballot cast by anyone in any of those categories.”

-Maggie Astor and Rick Rojas, “‘I wanted to scream.’ Georgia election official voices his exhaustion with Trump’s baseless fraud claims.,” nytimes.com, Jan. 4, 2021