CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP ADMIN/VACCINES: “Officials working on Operation Warp Speed said this month they planned to have 20 million doses of the [coronavirus] vaccine distributed by the end of the year, down from the 100 million doses that President Donald Trump had projected in September would be shipped out by year’s end.

But while the federal government said Monday that 11.5 million doses of the vaccine have been sent to the states so far, only about 2 million people have gotten their first dose, according to data compiled by NBC News from federal and state agencies.

At the current rate of around a million shots a week, the U.S. will come up far short of projections by Trump administration officials that every person who wants a shot would be able to get one by the spring.”

-Mike Memoli, Lauren Egan, and Shannon Pettypiece, “Biden to attack Trump admin for slow pace of Covid vaccinations,” nbcnews.com, Dec. 29, 2020