COVID19/EDUCATION/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “As part of their efforts to address the public health challenges and uncertainties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, State and local officials shut down in-person learning…

A failure to quickly resume in-person learning options is likely to have long-term economic effects on children and their families…

To help mitigate these harms, the Department of Health and Human Services recently announced additional relief for low income parents by allowing States to use funds available through the Child Care and Development Fund to subsidize child care services and services that supplement academic instruction for children under the age of 13 who are participating in virtual instruction…

The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall take steps, consistent with law, to allow funds available through the Community Services Block Grant program to be used by grantees and eligible entities to provide emergency learning scholarships to disadvantaged families for use by any child without access to in-person learning. These scholarships may be used for:

(i) tuition and fees for a private or parochial school;

(ii) homeschool, microschool, or learning-pod costs;

(iii) special education and related services, including therapies; or

(iv) tutoring or remedial education.”

-Donald Trump, “Executive Order on Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School Choice,” whitehouse.gov, Dec. 28, 2020

[Note: Read the full Executive Order signed by Donald Trump.]