CYBERATTACK/TECHNOLOGY: “It may cost literally billions of dollars to secure our cyberspace. It may take a great deal to get it done. First and foremost, it takes people who are knowledgeable and vigilant about what is happening and how it’s happening. And so I’m just going to do all that need be done. All that need be done to determine, A, the extent of the damage. B, the nature of how it occurred. C, what I should be doing internally in terms of my administration to protect against it in the future. And number four, getting together with our allies to try to set up an international system of what constitutes appropriate behavior in cyberspace and get us all to get to the point where we all hold any other country liable for their breaking out of those basic roles.”

-Joe Biden, “LIVE: Remarks by President-elect Joe Biden,” YouTube.com, Dec. 22, 2020