2020 ELECTION/JOE BIDEN: “This is the essence of our country. This is the whole ball game. And they cheated. Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes. Now, we were — we were planning — we — I got 63 million votes four years ago and won quite handily in the Electoral College, won quite handily. We did very well. I got 63.

We were hoping to get 68 or so. And we felt that was a path to an easy victory. I got 74 million votes, the largest in the history of a sitting president, so much more, many millions more than anyone thought — you know, than we were even trying to get. And everybody said, this is over.

I’m telling you, at 10:00, everybody thought it was over. And then the phony — then the phony mail-ins started coming in, Maria. But, just so you understand, I got 74 million votes. It was over. And then mail-in started happening. Glitches started happening. This election was rigged. This election is a total fraud.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Factbase, “Interview: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Donald Trump on Fox News – November 29, 2020,” factba.se, Nov. 29, 2020