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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN/VACCINES: “I’m hoping the news of the [coronavirus] vaccine will serve as an incentive to every American, to take these simple steps to get control of the virus. There’s real hope, tangible hope.

So, hang on. Don’t let yourselves surrender to the fatigue, which I understand it is real fatigue. I know we can, and we will beat this virus. America’s not going to lose this war. We’ll get our lives back. Life is going to return to normal, I promise you. This will happen. This will not last forever.

So yes, it’s been a really hard year, particularly hard for over 250000 people and their families. But I still believe we have much to be thankful for. There’s so much to hope for. Much to build on. Much to dream up.”

-Joe Biden via NBC News, “Biden Delivers Thanksgiving Address | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Nov. 25, 2020