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CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Donald Trump’s top medical adviser on the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Scott Atlas, has not attended White House task force meetings in person since late September, according to two administration officials, as he continues to spread misinformation about the worsening health crisis…

Atlas, who became the group’s newest member in August and frequently works in the White House complex, has been elevated by the president in recent weeks because his views align more closely with Trump’s in terms of downplaying the seriousness of the virus and questioning the efficacy of masks.

Atlas has repeatedly criticized statewide restrictions and argued that the isolation caused by them will do more lasting damage than the disease itself, contrary to most public health officials.”

-Monica Alba and Carol E. Lee, “Atlas on the outs with coronavirus task force but still pushing Trump’s pandemic claims,” nbcnews.com, Nov. 19, 2020