2020 ELECTION/TRUMP PEOPLE: “White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said Friday [Nov. 13, 2020] that the Trump administration is operating as if it will extend into a second term, attempting to stiff-arm the reality of last week’s election and dismissing talk that the incoming Biden administration might unwind many of President Donald Trump’s policies…

The president has refused to concede to Biden and his administration has rejected any appearance of assisting with the transfer of power while Trump’s campaign pursues a portfolio of legal challenges in a last-ditch attempt to save the president’s reelection.

‘Until we do that, our assumption is a second Trump term,’ Navarro said. ‘Any speculation about what Joe Biden might do, I think, is moot at this point.’

Navarro’s comments came in response to a question about whether a forthcoming Biden administration would reverse an executive order Trump signed Thursday [Nov. 12, 2020] prohibiting Americans from investing in a group of Chinese companies that the White House said has ties to the People’s Liberation Army.”

-Nick Niedzwiadek, “Navarro: White House’s operating ‘assumption is a second Trump term,’” politico.com, Nov. 13, 2020