IMPEACHMENT/INVESTIGATIONS: “We’ve worked very hard in four years. We’ve been hit by fake, fake investigations, fake scandals, fake impeachments. We’ve had so many things that, the witch hunt, I call it the witch hunt. And it turned out to be a phony witch hunt, and they should have known it the first day. They did know it the first day. But it’s the deep state, it’s whatever you want to call it, but it should have never happened…

They spent $48 million, two and a half years. The Mueller investigation scam. And they come up, no collusion, there’s no collusion after all of that. Which makes me perhaps the most innocent man anywhere in the history of the United States.”

-Donald Trump via PBS NewsHour, “WATCH LIVE: Trump holds final rally of 2020 campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” YouTube.com, Nov. 2, 2020