CONGRESS/IMPEACHMENT/UKRAINE: “I saw [U.S. Rep. Adam] Schiff the other day, two days ago, watermelon, he looks like a watermelon head. Right? Remember he lied in the halls of Congress. He read my conversation with the president of Ukraine, but it wasn’t my conversation.

Hey, how great do we love those people that took down the language, professional military people, word for word for word. If I didn’t have it, it would have been my word against shifty Schiff. Right?

Eight times he said quid pro quo. Think of what that means. Eight times you’ve asked for the same thing. After the third time, the guy on the other side would say, ‘He’s got some serious problems.’ I don’t even know him. I called him to say congratulations on becoming president of Ukraine, and for that, I got impeached.”

-Donald Trump, “LIVE: President Donald Trump in Tampa, FL #Tampa #Florida,” YouTube.com, Oct. 29, 2020