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CAMPAIGN/TRUMP’S HEALTH: [Reporter: “How’s your stamina after campaigning for a week?”]

“I think really good. I mean, you people can tell me better than I can. I think really good. I feel great. I don’t think anybody can do what I do. You know, when you get up before that many people — you saw that crowd. You were there. When you get up before that many people three or four times a day, there aren’t too many people that can do that, and I really have no problem doing it. I’m doing it because it’s important to do. I have to do it, and I think it’s very important.

And I think when I leave a crowd like that — and that’s got to be 20,000 people. Did you see them coming in at the — it was incredible. When you leave a crowd like that — and I’ve had only crowds like that. We’ve had no small crowd, whether it’s in Pennsylvania or anyplace else. Every single place has been like this, and I think there’s not a person out of all of those thousands and thousands of people that won’t be voting and won’t be voting for me. And I think it spreads out to much bigger even than the crowd itself.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump Before Air Force One Departure | Phoenix, AZ,” whitehouse.gov, Oct. 19, 2020