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MEDICARE/SENIORS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “One day he’s [Donald Trump] tweeting that the relief package is too big. The next day saying it’s too small. It’s all game. He thinks he’s still on his game show. No, really. He acts that way. For real. This is a political game he’s playing.

His latest gimmick, he wants to mail seniors a $200 prescription drug cash card with his name on it. So you’re going to get it before election with his name on it. But what are you going to do? He’s going to raid Medicare trust fund to pay for that $200, which seniors have already spent by paying money into.

He thinks that he can take the money out of your pocket with one hand and put it back with his name stamped on it in the other hand and call it a gift. It’s dishonest. It’s reckless. And it doesn’t actually help anybody. In fact, all it will do is undermine the Medicare trust fund and increase overall out-of-pocket costs for seniors.”

-Joe Biden, “LIVE: Joe Biden Speaks about his Vision for Older Americans in Florida,” YouTube.com, Oct. 13, 2020