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ANTHONY FAUCI/CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “He’s [Donald Trump] now running an ad, you probably saw, a national ad quoting Dr. Fauci out of context. Way back in March, referring to public health officials, Dr. Fauci said, ‘I can’t imagine that anybody could be doing more [on coronavirus],’ end of quote.

In the recent ad that’s going out nationally, Trump quotes Dr. Fauci is saying that about him, the president. Trump and his campaign deliberately lied, making it sound like Fauci was talking about Trump. Fauci went on to the public air when the ad came out saying, three days ago, ‘I did not give permission for that quote.’ He wasn’t referring to the president…

The point I’m trying to make is it was a knowing lie… As a consequence, through his months of overwhelming lying, misleading and irresponsible action on the part of Donald Trump, how many empty chairs were around your breakfast table this morning? Someone you love, somebody you cared about, someone you knew, a family member or a neighbor, missing, missing. Why? Because of negligence.”

-Joe Biden via PBS NewsHour, “WATCH LIVE: Biden speaks about the economy amid COVID-19 during campaign event in Ohio,” YouTube.com, Oct. 12, 2020