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On Jan. 20, 2021, Donald Trump’s presidency ended and Joe Biden became president. As of that date, this site contained over 42,000 sourced comments and quotes, with an estimated 92.4% by or about Trump, compared to 7.6% by or about Biden (see methodology).

This site is no longer being updated daily, but we may occasionally add quotes relating to Trump or Biden that seem relevant to the context of the Trump presidency.


VOTING: “And so, folks, look, we’re going to be in a situation where we can’t make this, we can’t do it without you all. We cannot win without the community. And I’m going to say something somewhat self-serving about you all. The fact is you can determine the outcome of this election, not just, not just for President, but for the Senate, for the Congress.

And that’s the biggest mark, the single most consequential thing anyone can do is vote. And when you vote and they add it up and they see who delivered the vote, that’s the thing that guarantees significant input on what happens next.“

-Joe Biden via PBS NewsHour, “WATCH: Biden in Nevada for ‘community stop’ on campaign trail,” YouTube.com, Oct. 9, 2020