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ANTIFA/DOJ/MICHIGAN: “Antifa is a big, big problem. And I see [Michigan Governor Gretchen] Whitmer today. She’s complaining, but it was our Justice Department that arrested the people that she was complaining about. It was my Justice Department that arrested them.

But, instead, she goes and does her little political act. And she keeps her state closed, although we just won the big case, as you know, to open up Michigan, because what she’s doing is a horrible thing to the people. The churches are closed. The schools are closed, and the whole state is closed. And people are being hurt very badly by it, in the form of drinking and suicides and depression.”

-Donald Trump via Factbase, “Interview: Sean Hannity Interviews Donald Trump Live Via Telephone – October 8, 2020,” factba.se, Oct. 8, 2020