CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP’S HEALTH: “I would hope that, the president having gone through what he went through, and I’m glad he seems to be coming along pretty well, would communicate the right lesson to the American people: Masks matter. These masks matter.

It matters, it saves lives, it prevents the spread of the disease. Social distancing. Instead of talking about that, the only thing I heard is one of the tweets saying that, you know, don’t be so concerned about all this, essentially. There’s a lot to be concerned about: 210,000 people have died…

I hope no one walks away with the message thinking that it is not a problem. It’s a serious problem, it’s an international pandemic, and we have 4% of the population and 20% of the deaths.”

-Joe Biden via NBC News, “Joe Biden Town Hall Hosted By Lester Holt | NBC News NOW,” YouTube.com, Oct. 5, 2020