SOCIAL SECURITY/TAXES: “Think about his [Donald Trump’s] plan for your social security. The social security actuary said that if he follows through on his plan for social security, social security will be quote, ‘Bankrupt by 2023.’

It’s clear that he not only cares about Wall Street and the super wealthy and the Fortune 500, he thinks they built this country. That’s why he wants another $30 billion tax cut for the hundred wealthiest billionaires in the country, who have already made $30 billion during this pandemic. So they’ll pay a lower tax rate than you do as a teacher, a factory worker, a firefighter, a nurse. He gave a tax giveaway for corporations and they moved jobs overseas to sell goods back to the United States.”

-Joe Biden, “Joe Biden Kicks Off His Whistle-Stop Tour LIVE | Joe Biden For President 2020,” YouTube.com, Sep. 30, 2020