DOJ/IMPEACHMENT: “I’m the only guy in history that got impeached for an absolutely perfect conversation. It was perfect. We sent it around. Everyone said, ‘What’s wrong with this?’ We sent it to the Justice Department, please check this. Thank goodness we had people that were taking it down, right? Exact notes, great patriots. They took it down, two of them, and it was perfect. We sent it to the Justice Department. ‘Please examine this conversation. We’d like to know what you think.’ They called back, they said, ‘Okay, listen, what exactly are you looking for here?’ These guys are used to looking at killings and drug dealers and they’re saying, ‘Explain to us, what are you looking for? We don’t see it.’ This was the greatest hoax.”

-Donald Trump via Fox News, “Trump hosts a ‘Great American Comeback’ event in Florida,” YouTube.com, Sep. 24, 2020