BORDER/MEXICO/WALL: “But you know what? We got the wall. Nobody could have done it. So once we had the wall and it started going up and then we hit a hundred miles, 200 miles, now we’re at 330, and we’re building 10 miles a week and it’ll be finished very soon. And we have the most secure border in terms of drug trafficking, trafficking coming along and we’ve done phenomenally well…

But once they saw that I had it, they said, ‘Yeah, but Mexico’s not paying for it.’ But they are paying for it, Mexico’s paying for the wall. They are paying for it. They’re paying at the border. They’re paying for the wall. All those trucks that go back and forth. They’re paying for the wall.”

-Donald Trump, “LIVE: President Trump in Moon Township, PA #Pennsylvania,” YouTube.com, Sep. 22, 2020