BORDER/HUMAN TRAFFICKING/WALL: “Well, we’re building 10 miles of wall a week. We’re up to about 330 miles, and we’ll have it finished very soon, and it’s having a tremendous impact on drugs. It’s having a tremendous impact on all of the different things. Human trafficking in women. It’s not even children. They’re trafficking women, it’s because of the internet.

You think of that as almost an ancient kind of a crime, right? But it’s not. It’s a very modern crime and it’s an unbelievably profitable crime. They’re trafficking women, little bit children, but mostly women. Where they’ll put three or four women in the back in the trunk of a car and they’ll go through the border. They can’t do it anymore. And we’re catching them. We have people that do nothing but look for the traffickers. To me, the traffickers are the biggest scum of the world.”

-Donald Trump on Fox News, “Trump holds ‘Great American Comeback’ event in Minnesota,” YouTube.com, Sep. 18, 2020