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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS: [Greta Van Susteren: “Has China been straight with us about the virus?”]

“No, because when I spoke to President Xi and he told me he had it under control. That was very early in all fairness. Maybe he didn’t even know, but I think he probably did, but they told me they had it under control. They were constantly saying that. We wanted to send over our doctors, you know that? And they didn’t want that.

And by the time people started seeing all of the dead bodies in China, I said, ‘That’s not under control.’ And that’s when I banned China from coming into this country…

I’m not doing much with China right now. I’m not happy with China.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Factbase, “Interview: Greta Van Susteren Interviews Donald Trump at The White House – September 16, 2020,” fact.se, Sep. 16, 2020