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MIDDLE EAST: “Sometimes you do have to go in and rough it up and mix it up, so to speak, and then all of a sudden you come out with something that could be very beautiful, but we never got there.

We never got – we never had the people. We never had the talent to get there and to negotiate these deals. And I will tell you that other countries from the Middle East are dying to come in. They are – they want to come in so badly. Why didn’t you call us and we’re going to start piecing it all together like a beautiful puzzle, and that’s what it is.

It’s been a very complex puzzle for a lot of people, but I understood it and I do understand it. They want peace. They’ve been fighting for decades and decades and they’ve been fighting for centuries in some cases and they would like to see peace, and it’s going to happen.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Factbase, “Interview: Jon Decker Interviews Donald Trump on the Fox News Rundown Podcast – September 10, 2020,” factba.se, Sep. 10, 2020