CORONAVIRUS/INTELLIGENCE/JOE BIDEN: “I think Trump has just stunned everyone around him at just how corrupt his thinking is.

I mean, think about this. You remember he said under oath — not under oath. I shouldn’t say that — said to the American public that he didn’t get that briefing on how dangerous coronavirus was, he didn’t get that from the intelligence community, he never read the reports, he didn’t have anything to do with that.

He saw the reports. He knew them in detail. At least we know he can read.

Why in God’s name didn’t he move quicker on the Defense Production Act to provide PPE, you know, the protective equipment for doctors and first responders? Why didn’t he do that?

He — OK, he says he didn’t want to panic people. Well, at least make sure everybody has the equipment they need, just say, this is just excess of caution.

He didn’t even do that…

And the virus is not his fault, but the deaths are his fault, because he could have done something about it.”

-Joe Biden, “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” cnn.com, Sep. 10, 2020