IRAN/PALESTINE: “I think two things are going to happen: Iran will — if we win the election, Iran will come and sign a deal with us very, very rapidly, within the first, I would say, week, but let’s give ourselves a month — because their GDP went down 25 percent, which is, like, an unheard of number, and they’d like to be able to get back to having a successful country again. So I think that’ll happen.

And I think, very importantly, the Palestinians will get back into the fold. And when they see all of these countries that, frankly, have been supporters of the Palestinians — very big supporters and, certainly, financial supporters.

As you know, we used to pay the Palestinians $750 million a year, and I ended that some time ago, on the basis that they didn’t seem to want to make peace. And we’ll think about it once we have a deal, but I’ve ended that quite a while ago. I’m frankly surprised they haven’t been to the table earlier.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing,” whitehouse.gov, Sep. 10, 2020