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AUTO INDUSTRY: “Before the virus, my administration added over 200 new auto and auto parts plants. How about 200? I didn’t know that. 200. 200. I thought it was a little less than that. Wait, I want to see that again, 200. It says 200. Do you believable it? That’s a lot.

You know, I have a choice between teleprompter and freelance. I hate to say, the freelance is always a hell of a lot better, but— If you remember, and you remember well, I actually got elected because of freelance. We didn’t have teleprompters. There were no teleprompters.

But think of that, 200, we’re talking about 200 plants. I thought it was a much lower number. I thought you should put me in an office based on a much lower number. At 200, you have no choice.”

-Donald Trump, “Live: Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Michigan | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Sep. 10, 2020