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JOBS/JOE BIDEN/NAFTA: [Jake Tapper: “Trump did renegotiate NAFTA, and Obama and Biden didn’t.”]

“Well, I will tell you what we did do. We inherited the greatest recession short of the Depression. The president [Obama] put me in charge of that to do something about it.

In the process of that, I was the one who was given responsibility to make sure General Motors and Chrysler didn’t go bankrupt. And so we made sure they didn’t, brought 80,000 jobs here to Michigan and to the automobile industry; 80,000 good-paying jobs came back. He’s [Donald Trump] lost 50,000 of those jobs since he’s been president.

The fact of the matter is, NAFTA was not a deal that was sold. When Bush said they were going to have enforcement mechanisms in NAFTA, they didn’t do it. That’s why, after it passed, and he did not insist on that, I was against NAFTA and we tried to begin to change it, because it didn’t keep the deal that was made. There was not — the enforcement mechanisms were abandoned.“

-Joe Biden, “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” cnn.com, Sep. 10, 2020