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2020 ELECTION/FLORIDA/OIL: “President Trump, who barely two years ago proposed a vast expansion of oil and gas drilling in U.S. continental waters, on Tuesday [Sep. 8, 2020] made clear there is at least part of the nation’s coastline he is eager to protect: the crucial electoral battleground of Florida.

Trump on Tuesday announced plans to extend a moratorium on oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, an area that includes the Sunshine State’s west coast, as well as expanding it to include the Atlantic coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

The move marks a stark reversal for Trump as he seeks to shore up votes in the tightly contested state ahead of the Nov. 3 election.”

-Brady Dennis and Dino Grandoni, “In reversal, Trump to ban oil drilling off coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina,” washingtonpost.com, Sep. 8, 2020