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JOE BIDEN/MILITARY: “None of the veterans you know were losers or suckers. No president has ever talked about our service men and women in that way. Sorry if I’m coming close to losing my temper, but the simple truth is, if that’s how you talk about our veterans, you have no business being President of the United States of America. Period.

Trump says he can’t understand why people serve. Does that surprise you, coming from man who only thinks about what helps him? He asked, quote, ‘What’s in it for them?’ Does that surprise you, coming from a man who only thinks about what’s in it for him?”

-Joe Biden, “Live: Joe Biden Joins AFL-CIO Virtual Event | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Sep. 7, 2020

[Note: Joe Biden is referencing an article published in The Atlantic alleging that Donald Trump made disparaging remarks about U.S. soldiers in 2018.]